Historic Photographs of Bachelors Grove

The Krueger Collection.

Final Burial, 1989.

Photographs by kind courtesy of Clay Krueger., who retains full ownership of these images. Do not paste into other websites, blogs or social media or utilize in other projects. If you would like to share these images, please share link to page. Thanks so much.

The photographs here were taken by undertaker Clay Krueger, of Blue Island's Krueger Funeral Home (shown below), on the day of the final burial recorded at Bachelors Grove Cemetery: the 1989 interment of the ashes of Robert Shields.   The Shields family stone is one of the largest stones remaining at Bachelors Grove Cemetery, but visitors have only seen it toppled for at least a generation, as shown here in contemporary seasonal photographs.  Here, the stone still stands intact, though badly desecrated

The Kaczmarek Collection


Photos Courtesty of Dale Kaczmarek and the Ghost Research Society. Photos are by kind courtesy of and remain the property of Dale Kaczmarek.  Do not paste into other websites, blogs or social media or use for other projects. Please share link to page. Thanks so much.

South side Chicago area native Dale Kaczmarek is one of the most active, established and internationally known paranormal investigators in the world.  His organization, The Ghost Research Society, was one of the earliest and continues to be one of the most active and accessible organizations of hobbyist ghost hunters in existence, though Dale and a number of members have established themselves as professional paranormal researchers and influential paranormal theorists.  An avid photographer, electronics expert and documenter of the paranormal, Dale captured some of the oldest and only known historic photographs of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.  We are honored that he agreed to share them with us for the "Lost in the Woods" exhibit. 

The Pursley Collection

1969 Desecration

Photos Courtesy of Phil and Karen Pursley. These images are by the kind courtesy of the owners and may not be pasted into your own site, blog or social media.  Please share link to page if you would like to share. Thank you so much.

Phil Pursley shared these photographs with us in the Summer of 2013.  They had never been seen by the public before.  The clarity and graphic destruction of these photos were astounding to see--truly like finding a treasure.  Phil describes the circumstances under which he and Karen came to capture these historic images:

" I and my future wife Karen Ennenbach Pursley took these probably in the late winter/early Spring of 1969. At the time we were both teaching grade school and used to love going out on photo shoots -- sometimes to cemeteries. While going to college I worked at a summer job with the South Cook County Mosquito Abatement District. I became aware of the destruction that was going on at this iconic cemetery. This was a perfect place to take some black and white photos that I developed with my own equipment. I think these were taken with tri-x film (400 speed) because of the gloomy day."

The Patterson Collection


Photos are by the kind courtesy of and are the property of Robert Patterson and may not be reproduced in other locations, including websites, blogs or social media. Please link to this page if you would like to share.  Thank you so much.

Robert Patterson is a longtime advocate of Bachelors Grove and local history.  I was astounded when for the first time he publicly shared the rare and invaluable photographs below, taken during a number of excursions to Bachelors Grove Cemetery and the surrounding forest in the mid-1970s. Deepest thanks to Robert for allowing me to share these with you.